Blunt History

Murder, massacre, mayhem & madness. Explore our dark history.

13 - Bloody Assize of Ancaster

June 21, 1814 - at the Union Hotel, acting as a makeshift courthouse, fifteen men are convicted of High Treason and sentenced to a gruesome death.  They were to be hanged, eviscerated, quartered and then beheaded.  On July 20, 1814, the sentence was carried out at Burlington Heights, near Dundurn in Hamilton, Ontario.  Discover more about the largest mass hanging in Canadian history.

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12 - Who Killed Charles Bravo?

The big question is - Who Killed Charles Bravo?  In this episode, we revisit his peculiar poisoning death and consider several theories ranging from suicide to murder.  Before indulging in this episode, it is imperative that you listen to episode 11 - The Peculiar Poisoning Death of Charles Bravo.

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11 - The Peculiar Poisoning of Charles Bravo

April 1876 - Victorian England was enraptured when the lurid details surrounding the poisoning death of Charles Bravo were revealed through the press.  In part one of this historical whodunnit, you will meet the main players and learn all of the details leading up to Bravo's death.  With all of the evidence in hand, the question is left with you - did Charles Bravo kill himself by mistake, on purpose, or was he murdered?

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10 - Enoch Brown School Massacre

Pennsylvania, 1764 - three Lenape Indians creep into Enoch Brown's schoolhouse; massacring the schoolmaster and ten children.  Is this the first rampage killing in an American school?   In this episode, we venture far and wide, through two wars, vigilantism and a scalp bounty in an effort to answer that question.  

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07 - Vimy Ridge: Part Two

The finale of a two-part episode exposing the stunning Canadian victory at Vimy Ridge during the First World War.  Part two covers the Canadian Corps' preparations for the battle, as well as the battle itself.  The episode concludes with four amazing true stories of bravery and heroics; all of which were rewarded with Victoria Crosses.

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06 - Vimy Ridge: Part One

One of the greatest battles of World War One.  In Part One of this series, we take a blunt look at salient events from 1914 to the winter of 1917 & how the Canadian Expeditionary Force found itself burdened with the impossible task of capturing Vimy Ridge from the Germans.

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05 - The Twinkie Murder

A timeless true crime story of blackmail, deception and murder from New York, 1922.  The Ward-Peters trial galvanized the American public into asking one question; "Can a rich man kill a poor man and get away with it?"  Find out.  I doubt you have ever heard this before; you won't be able to find any information in the virtual record.  This episode is based entirely on original research into source documents; primary sources are mainly from the Syracuse Herald (May 1922 -- January 1924). 

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03 - Vlad the Impaler Prince

On this episode, we get blunt about Vlad the Impaler of Wallachia.  Was he a reasonable man of his times or was he a psychopath?  Join me on this legend laden episode as I try to expose the real Dracula.  At the same time, we'll learn more than we will ever need to know about impaling.  Fair warning: I don't delve too deeply into the atrocities, but there are some fairly gruesome descriptions. 

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01 - The Battle of Megiddo

On this episode, we get blunt about the Battle of Megiddo (1457 bce), fought between Pharaoh Thutmose III and the King of Kadesh.  Find out why this ancient and somewhat obscure battle is worth talking about.  You may not be aware, but you very likely already know something about Megiddo. 

Thanks for listening to the inaugural episode of the Blunt History podcast.

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