Blunt History

Murder, massacre, mayhem & madness. Explore our dark history.

Welcome to Blunt History!  

From here on, no more nice history.  I'm taking the podcast down a darker road -- murder, massacre, mayhem & madness.  History is crawling with sinister characters and monstrous stories; some infamous, others less so, such as my own experience.  

I was nearly murdered; blunt force trauma.  I was violently struck on the head numerous times...with a baseball bat.  The attack was unprovoked; even if there was provocation, the degree of response was unwarranted.  He spent two years in prison for the assault.   

As you can imagine, I spent much of my recovery pondering my mortality, along with a bunch of other metaphysical crap.  I have spent considerable time thinking about what made that guy different from most other people, who aren't generally inclined to act out violent thoughts.  

And just what is it that makes one violent?  Better yet, what compels groups of people to commit egregious acts of evil?  We have a wildly violent past; present & future too, I suppose.  Our species is steeped in savagery.

The Blunt History podcast is going to explore our vicious past, letting some light bleed through to the darkness that both haunts and fascinates us.

My name is Greg Metelsky.  I research, write, present and produce Blunt History.  If you've read this far...thanks!

I work on the show from my apartment in the village of Clarkson, Ontario, Canada.  Through my window, I can see the iconic Toronto skyline, as well as the budding downtown of Mississauga...and everything in between.

A little more background on me.  

I am a graduate from Ryerson University, having attained a Bachelor of Applied Arts from  Radio and Television Arts program.  While there, I took all the history classes I could for liberal arts credits.  

I owe my passion for history, in part, to two exceptional professors -- Margaret MacMillan & Thomas Barcsay.  Never before had I experienced such a depth of knowledge and fluency in the lecture hall.  Fifteen years on and they remain fresh in my memory and fond in my mind.

I've worked for many years in marketing, but recently realized that the job was killing me faster than time.  And so moved on.  

Seeing as how I am an avid history hobbyist.  I have an education in broadcasting.  I love reading and learning.  It only made sense for me to create this podcast.

I owe my love for history podcasts to a few people: Mike Duncan (History of Rome, Revolutions), Dan Carlin (Hardcore History), Cameron Reilly & Ray Harris Jr. (Life of Caesar - Julius & Augustus).  Cue: Chicago - Your My Inspiration.

Fear is built on weakness.   So when I tell you my biggest fear when planning this podcast was designing and managing a website.  What I really mean is, I think I suck at it.  All I can say SquareSpace, no show.  So simple to use.  The Blunt History site may be basic in function and appearance, but I've managed to do everything on my own.  

In terms of gear, I use a Rode NT1-A microphone, M-Audio Plus interface with Cubase LE Elements 8 for recording / editing.  I do all of it on an Acer Aspire E laptop.

James Rooke is a big part of the show.  The intro and extro music used on Blunt History was written and produced by James.  I think you'll agree that he is a very talented guy.

I want to thank my family, without whose support this couldn't be possible.  To my amazing wife Rachel, my beautiful daughter Sienna & my baby girl Charlemagne, or as we call her Charley  -- I love you all dearly.

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