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07 - Vimy Ridge: Part Two

The finale of a two-part episode exposing the stunning Canadian victory at Vimy Ridge during the First World War.  Part two covers the Canadian Corps' preparations for the battle, as well as the battle itself.  The episode concludes with four amazing true stories of bravery and heroics; all of which were rewarded with Victoria Crosses.

Vimy Ridge Battle Plan -- April 1917

Sir Julian Byng -- Commander of Canadian Corps

Arthur Currie -- Second in Command, Canadian Corps

Paul von Hindenburg -- Commander Central Army, Western Front

Erich Ludendorff -- Second in Command, Central Army, Western Front

Raymond Brutinel - "Indirect Fire"

Victor Odlum - "The Trench Raid"

Andrew McNaughton - "Sound ranging & Flash Spotting"

Private William Milne - Victoria Cross

Lance Sergeant Ellis Sifton - Victoria Cross

Private John Pattison - Victoria Cross


Captain Thain MacDowell - Victoria Cross

Show Notes:


  1. Florrie Forde -- Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty
  2. Harry Champion -- A Little Bit of Cucumber
  3. John McCormack -- It's A Long Way to Tipperary
  4. Pipes and Drums - 48th Highlanders -- Maple Leaf Forever


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